poble-Cabanya-BoscanaWe are at Borredà, at the Berguedà, between Berga (15Km) and Ripoll (25Km).


C/ Manresa 17, 08619 Borredà (Berguedà, Barcelona)


Tel. 658.697.415

Email: viularoma@gmail.com

How to arrive?

By car

To reach Borredà there are different options:
– From Berga, the C-26 towards Vilada, then Borredà.
From Ripoll C-26, towards Les Lloses, then Borredà.
From St Quirze BP-4654 Alpens direction, and then Borredà.
From Pobla de Lillet towards Ripoll. At 3km get the small road to St Jaume de Frontanyà then Borredà (only recommended in summer, spring and autumn)


By public transport

For those who have no car, to reach Berga there are buses from Barcelona, Manresa, Puigcerda … For the way Berga-Borredà there are buses (ALSA-alsina graells). The timetables that we know are :
6:50 (Monday to Friday)
7:10 (Saturdays weekdays)
13:15 (saturday weekdays)
14:50 (Monday to Friday)
17:30 (school teaching days)
18:30 (school and non-school days, except Saturdays)

And to reach Ripoll there are combinations of rail and buses (from
Barcelona, Vic, Puigcerdà… For the way Ripoll-Borredà there is only one bus:

12:30 (saturday weekdays)

However, we recommend confirming schedules directly with the company.

By foot

For those who come walking we recommend a hiking map from “Alpina” editions, named “Catllaràs and Picancel”; there are many routes to get there, including the GR4. And the landscapes are worth it!