The place

In the Cabanya there is a multipurpose room, 3 bedrooms and a dining room, in addition to services associated with each installation. It is a wifi free place.

The multipurpose room


Ideal for activities: yoga, meditation, dance, workshops on medicinal plants, healthy cooking, organic gardening, or just stay and enjoy the place and the view.


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The dinning room


A place to share meals, a chat, and enjoy the fire in the stove after dark.

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The bedrooms


2 group rooms, with wood bunk beds, very comfortable, natural light and views of the village and a cozy atmosphere. And a individual room.

The food


Conscience and healthy meals: vegetarian, vegan, organic, from our vegetable garden and with medicinal plants. Everything made and cooked for us with passion and care. You can not miss our homemade breads made with wholewheat and organic flour and yeast. as jam from our own harvesting, homemade paste, our own honey, depurative soups,.. and many others surprises  for your taste.hort_Cabanya-Boscana

We contemplate intolerances;  gluten free, lactose,… but you need to let us know in advance




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