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The environment offers enormous possibilities, here we offer you a taste:

  • Hiking trails; GR4 (which crosses inside Europe), long-haul, medium and short  routes…for different levels, family walks,…
  • Hike the pools by the river from Borredà up to Sant Jaume de Frontanyà
  • MTB (mountain) and cycling (road). We have garage.
  • Climbing
  • Walks to find and recognize medicinal plants
  • Visit the Cabanay Boscana’s medicinal garden.entorn_Cabanya-Boscana
  • Rotgers trail (Romanesque)
  • Disconnect to connect with nature (rest, seeing beautiful forests, bathing in the river …)
  • In autumn, mushrooms area.


We also offer workshops and monographs:

  • How to make a homemade medical kit
  • Visit medicinal garden. Speaking of the many possible uses of medicinal plants (infusions, maceration, in the kitchen, ..); learn to maceration and then an ointment.lavanda_Cabanya-Boscana
  • Lavender distillation. Visit medicinal garden. Talk about the process of distillation, so aromatherapy and hidrolatherapy. Elaboration of toothpaste.
  • How to make soap from recycled oil. Visit the garden of medicinal plants. Soap Making of medicinal plants. From the materials we have learned in previous workshops, made some soaps with different properties.


  • How to make a medicinal garden (cuttings …)
  • Workshop of Healthy, consciently, vegan cooking; deserts unsweetened, recipes very originals with medicine plants and seasonal ingredients that sorprend the taste,…
  • Ratafia liquor (tradicional herbal and medicine liquor from Catalonia)
  • Harvest and recognition of mushrooms.


  • Inventions and arrangements for home, knowledge of self-sufficiencyjardi-medicinal_Cabanya-Boscana and energy efficiency.

  For any of these activities, contact us via

      e-mail, or telefon and we will make specific decisions.

Thanks you very much

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